About Us

Vision18 is an organisation that supports vulnerable children, young people and adults who are at risk of social exclusion. Our aim is to be the best provider in what we do, be it in our accommodation or our service so that we can achieve the optimum outcomes for our young persons whom we support. We offer the highest standards of accommodation and our carefully selected staff are offered excellent training and ongoing support so our organisational objectives for striving to be the best provider can be realised.

We aim to raise the aspirations of our young persons by ensuring that they are proud to be in beautiful homes that they are happy to show off to their friends and families. We ensure that the young persons voices are heard and that they are part of every development and growth of their homes.

We accept each person as a unique individual and work with them so they can feel safe, secure and inspired to lead fulfilling lives. We believe that in order to offer an outstanding service, the needs of the individual must lie at the heart of everything we do.

We offer different home solutions of which some are multi- occupancy and others being sole accommodations depending of the needs of the individuals.